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Bones For Life™

Charlottesville, VA Bones For Life™ Classes

Central Virginia Feldenkrais is now offering Bones For Life™ Classes! Call Marsha Robertson at 434-970-1066 for class schedules.

Charlottesville Classes To Prevent Bone Density Loss

Charlottesville Bones For Life™ classes teach Central VA residents new bone density improvement techniques. Bones For Life™ classes include easy exercises to promote strong bones: pelvis, skull, jaw, as well as arms, back and legs. These simple bone density exercises, which can be done at home and incorporated into natural daily routines, provide the added benefit of improving posture and balance.

A Natural Program For Building And Maintaining Bone Strength

The Bones For Life™ Program address one of the chronic problems of our adult population--the deterioration of bone tissue. A Loss of bone density means the loss of vitality, independence and joy. Bones For Life™ is a natural movement program based on the movement and thinking principals of Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of the Feldenkrais Method®. It is designed for people who are willing to apply the lessons consistently in their everyday lives in order to ensure ongoing results.

Healthy bones absorb essential minerals from the blood stream to repair and replace damaged cells. Physical activity and vigorous movement play a vital role in this natural, bone revitalization process. Research continues to show that a regular pattern of rhythmic, vigorous and springy movement triggers cell regeneration. If such activity is absent from our daily lifestyle, our bodies do not receive the message that new bone cells are needed. In summary, a sedentary lifestyle inhibits nutrient absorption and fails to encourage bone cell regeneration.

Bones For Life™ Program

  • Uses simple, effective movement processes
  • Promotes bone strength
  • Uses postural alignment for weight bearing postures
  • Teaches bone alignment to prevent muscle and joint problems such as osteoarthritis
  • Incorporates dynamic and rhythmic ways of moving to stimulate the growth of bone tissue
  • Trains student balance and equilibrium adjustments
  • Restores the biological optimism that is inherent in a reliable skeleton
  • Builds on nature's genetic message that an active dynamic body needs to stay strong and spontaneous
  • The result is a lively and springy walk with dependable bones that can safely take the pressure for a healthy lifestyle

Bones For Life™ Benefits:

  • A natural approach to strong bones
  • Healthy joint alignment lasting into senior years
  • A reliable skeleton that safely take the pressure of an active lifestye
  • Healthy bone-density maintenance and joint integrity
  • Improved upright weight bearing postures
  • Dynamic and efficient coordination and balance

Bones For Life™ Founder

Founder Ruthy Alon is a senior Feldenkrais® Trainer. She is the creator of the video, "Movement Nature Meant" and author of the book Mindful Spontaneity. Ruthy applied her 40 years of experience to determine if the Feldenkrais Method® could slow the progression of osteoporosis and provide a stimulus to continue the regeneration and vitality of bone tissue. She created the Bones For Life™ program and trains teachers throughout the world.

Bones For Life™ in Central VA

Private Bones For Life™ Training and small group Bones For Life™ classes are offered in Charlottesville, Virginia. Please call Marsha Robertson at 434-970-1066 or use the contact form to request more information about the easy-to-learn Bones For Life techniques.

Reduce Skeletal Pain
Improve Posture
Slow Aging
Bones For Life™ Class
Flexibility Exercises

Not only did Marsha help me with healing my wrist, but taught me (or helped me remember to realize) how to listen to my body and work with it, instead of against it.

G.L., University of Colorado Student

I was struck by a car while riding my bicycle in 2007. I escaped with one broken finger and a lot of soft tissue damage. I was fortunate to know of Marsha Robertson. I asked to see her right away. Two days later I arrived for my first session in so much pain I was unable to put my weight on my left foot.

Marsha put her mastery to work! By the end of that first session I was able to stand on both feet. The following day I was able to walk normally! Over the next few months, Marsha and I worked together to get my lower body and upper body working together again. Now I am back to running, biking, Nia and all kinds of wonderful full body activities! I consider Marsha an essential aspect of any emergency recovery plan! But even more importantly, our regular monthly sessions keep me fit and healthy.

Thank you Marsha for everything you have done for me!

Jeanne Catherine, Certified Black Belt of The Nia Technique